About the project


Inspired by the trend of global higher education initiated by “Stanford2025 – A Retrospective of Living & Learning on Campus,” Chung Yuan Christian University invites her faculty, staff, and students to think together of the learning and teaching strategies for students in the future, offering innovative measures to re-plan the learning system, subject demarcation, etc. In the 5-year Higher Education Sprout Project, with the core design concepts of “student’s diversified learning outcome,” “problem-solving-capability oriented learning,” and “applications (practice, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.) of the knowledge of learning” summarize the new models in the future on the learning of students and the research of teaching for Chung Yuan Christian University, nurturing the future talents to deal with the complicated changes.

“A – Taking teaching as the core” has eight subprojects in total to carry out the operating mode of “students” as the main body, “teachers” as the guide, and “colleges” as the core of teaching. Through innovative teaching and learning programs, the followings are promoted:
1.To enhance student’s capabilities of communication and logical thinking
2.To strengthen faculty’s capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and professional practice in teaching
3.To Enhance student’s interest in diversified learning by learning-depth-extension of course-groups with refined interdisciplinary courses
4.To help develop student’s core professional capabilities, deeply strengthening student’s soft power for work place
5.To initiate mechanisms for entrepreneurship and mentorship along with the linkage to international resources, enhancing the successful rate of cultivating the entrepreneur teams
6.To establish new and developing programs in 5+2 industries (Internet of Things, Biomedical Industry, Green Energy, Smart Machinery, Defense Industry + High-Value-Added Agriculture, Circular Economy) and digital economy, cultivating professional talents combined AI with “5+2, digital economy, and other key industries”
7.To implement the definitive student’s counseling with continuous checking mechanism, complementing the outcome of definitive student’s caring and counseling in body, mind, and spirit
Finally, the summarized outcome is to unleash the key role played by the colleges in the aspect of richly cultivating innovation in teaching and quality in learning, intending to accomplish two major goals – “richly developing student’s professional narrative capability” and “strongly enhancing talent nurturing for the core industries”
“B – Making resources more public” – the aspects of students and systems offer three subprojects. For the student’s aspect, we hold fast to CYCU’s Education Philosophy “Full development of one’s potential signifies success” and value the impartiality of the right to education for the disadvantaged students; in the meantime, we care for the needs in learning and in living for them, promoting the vertical mobility among various social hierarchies. For the system’s aspect, through interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration model, we connect in series the key items (satisfactions of the graduates and the employers along with the integration of knowledge and practice, etc.) for the social concerns and intercollegiate assessment, using just-in-time, accurate, and complete school information to implement self-accountability, performance report, and opening to the public to guarantee the educational quality of the University.
The first item in the CYCU’s Education Philosophy states, “Benefit the multitudes through wise and prudent utilization of professional knowledge of sciences and humanities,” advocating that we should exercise in due diligence to the knowledge responsibilities and teach the students to use the knowledge learned to serve the society. “C – Fulfilling social responsibility” with the core values of “Holistic Education and Life Caring” merged with professional courses, practical hand-on education, student’s activities, service learning, and public services to guide students to unleash their spirits of social design of “resolving the problems professionally to build a better society;” to understand in-depth the local needs; to respond and solve the currently existing problems; to promote the local developments; and to bring into play the University’s knowledge responsibilities and influences.
“D – Developing university features” advancing, innovating, and developing innovation and R&D in industry along with the ecological system in innovation and entrepreneurship, based on the capabilities associated with the existing academic researches and academia-industrial collaborations – using the concrete strategies to connect with the nations, the future, and the locals to nurture the international mobility of the talents and to enhance the international visibility; and making CYCU become “an academia-based university to cultivate talents of character, professionalism, creativity, and global viewpoint,” for the University to possess professionalization, internationalization, and realization of features.